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Introducing Hyper Plate: Best in class tin on aluminum plating

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Only one company in the entire Southern U.S. offers silver and tin plating for copper bus bars, and that’s S+S Industries

And if that weren’t enough, we have huge warehousing capacity and the perfect location to drop ship to anywhere in North America within days of your order.  

Now, S+S is proud to add aluminum bus bar plating to our capabilities, with both silver and tin. Hyper Plate is our proprietary, automated tin on aluminum process for consistent quality and fast plating.

Whether your bars are full-length or fabricated, we can store them, plate them to your exact specifications with tight tolerances, and get them where they need to go, whenever you give the word.

How it works

After you buy your bare copper or aluminum bars from the mill, ship them directly to us; there’s no need for you to take possession yet.

We warehouse the bars inside our massive storage facility–we can store as little as 10,000 pounds or as much as 500,000 for you. We use a live, interactive inventory database so that anyone at your company can log on and see the volume of bare bars you have stored at our facility at any given time.

When you’re nearly ready to use them, place your order with us, and we plate with your desired material.

We ship the finished bus bars to you within four days at the most, whether they’re 1 inch or 8 inches wide.

What you get when you use S+S bus bar plating services

Just-in-time shipping

Overhead cost savings

Optimal commodity pricing timing

Extensive storage capacity with easily searched online inventory tracking

Extensive storage capacity with easily searched online inventory tracking

Silver or tin: Pick the plating material that works better for your application​

Silver plating

Tin plating

About S+S Industries

S+S Industries is a household name in the plating and coating industry. After more than four decades in business, we’ve established a reputation as the experts who handle even the toughest jobs…the biggest plating and coating company by size, number of employees, and revenue…the name on more  approved applicator lists than anybody else. 

But most importantly, we’re known as a family business that does things the right way. We give everything we’ve got to see our customers succeed, and we think that’s what keeps them coming back–and telling others about us–year after year.  


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