Welcome to the S+S Industries family, and please visit us in person at any time. We are a leading provider for electroplated coatings in the oilfield, power generation, and automotive industries. From subsea production manifolds to safety-critical automotive parts, we prolong the lifespan of metal components in the harshest environments on Earth.


Privately held with more than 40 years of proven expertise, S+S Industries has a mandate to deliver a quality product in every project from boutique spray coating to high-volume, premium-tubulars plating. Because we deliver consistently exceptional service and quick turnaround, our business is built on lasting relationships.

Our home campus is built to satisfy any requirement. Spread across 13 buildings, our state-of-the-art 255,000-ft² (23,690-m²) facility offers vertically integrated coating and plating solutions for any size of equipment. Here, our technicians carry out our culture of quality, dependability, and passion to solve any challenge.

Welcome to the S+S Industries family, and please visit us in person at any time.

Letter from Vice President View Image

Dear S+S Industries Friends and Colleagues,

At S+S Industries, we have found the commitment to our clients combined with a relentless focus on quality will carry you through the many ups and downs our industry faces.  While this philosophy has carried many companies, it does not tell our full story.  The truth is, S+S Industries is a family culture, created by my Father, which has made this company ready to take on any challenge the industry has for us.

There is a unique value that comes in wisdom that is handed down over generations.  Some of my best memories are me coming to work with my Dad starting in the summer of 7th grade.  I remember many early lessons, but the real lesson being taught was that our family extended to the employees which we work side by side with every day.  This single, unique lesson that I learned many years ago from my Father still remains at my core of all the decisions that continue to drive this company today.

It’s been more than 40 years of the S+S Industries family leading our company through the ever changing demands of this great industry.  As we look forward, our core values, which have guided us to this point, will continue to bring a value to our clients that cannot be found anywhere else in the market.  For that, I want to say thank you to our employees and their families, to our clients, and to my Dad for all his guidance and for bringing his 7th grader to work with him.

Best Regards,

Vice President