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We have joined S&S Plating, Coating Dynamics, and Vanguard Metal Technologies under one leadership team to further deliver best-in-class quality and service to the plating and coating markets. The continuous teamwork and dedication of our employees to our customers led the charge to grow our value offering to also include warehousing and assembly which has proven to support our 100% customer satisfaction approach. Merging these three companies under one name, S+S Industries, uniquely positions the company with seasoned leadership, increased offerings for our clients, and overall value not found anywhere in the industry. Most importantly, the leadership of George and Greg Andrews creates a family atmosphere that grows beyond brands and extends through our employees to every single client in the S+S Industries family.

  • 2018

    Evolution of Excellence - S+S Industries

  • 2012

    Acquired Vanguard Metal Technologies to join the S&S Plating and Coating Dynamics family

  • 2010

    Acquired Coating Dynamics to provide customers a more vertically integrated solution

  • 2007

    ISO Certification

  • 2006

    Added 25,000 sq. ft. and received our first fully automated plating machine

  • 1998

    Expanded to Automotive

  • 1990

    Added two new production facilities

  • 1987

    Partnered with NASA in successfully plating 12 ft seal rings in response to the Space Shuttle Challenger accident to meet return-to-flight operational requirements

  • 1985

    George Andrews became President of S&S Plating

  • 1977

    S&S Plating was Founded

S+S Industries remains committed to what matters most: our employees and our customers. Our goal is to continue to deliver quality products, superior services and an experience that is unmatched in the industry. With our team of people and service-driven solutions and products, we know S+S Industries will quickly become one of the most trusted names in our industry.

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